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Employee Benefits

Today’s workforce is incredibly diverse. It’s crucial this diversity is addressed with a comprehensive and affordable employee benefits program that meets the needs of a wide range of people. Whether your company employs 10 or 1,000 employees, we can help you manage your employee benefits programs and help your employees navigate their numerous options.


At Benefit Resource Group, we believe a viable employee benefits program is based on effective communication. To that end, our agents will work to ensure your employees known what benefits they’re entitled to and how they can be accessed. To learn more about our employee benefits programs, we encourage you to speak to one of our knowledgeable agents today.


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Health Insurance

Providing Texas group health insurance benefits is always a constant concern for employers. The perennial quest to balance the cost of health insurance and overhead expenditures can be a frustrating one.

At Benefit Resource Group, we take pride in offering viable and affordable Texas group health insurance solutions for any sized business. We work with premium carriers who understand the needs of employers and employees alike.

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Dental Insurance

Benefit Resource Group provides a group dental plan that will benefit both you and your employees. This group plan will offer your employees the benefits of receiving individual dental care including reduced costs on routine dental care. Many group plans allow people to cover their families, children, orthodontic work, and major dental work, and there are many options to choose from when selecting a policy. Contact Benefit Resource Group for a free evaluation of your business’s needs and receive a quote on group dental insurance.


  • Out-of-network specialists
  • Experimental treatments
  • Travel and lodging expenses related to treatments
  • Child care costs
  • Day-to-day expenses (bills and mortgage payments)

Disability Insurance

Most people insure their material possessions, such as their homes and cars. However, many of these same people don’t insure what is actually their most valuable asset – their ability to work and earn income. Can you afford to allow your business team and employees to remain unprotected?

You and your employees depend on an income to finance bills. Whether you choose to enroll your company in a short term disability benefits package or a larger-scale policy, the coverage you will receive from your group disability insurance can help your employees financially by replacing a portion of your income. Furthermore, providing disability insurance can not only take care of your employees, but can also help to ensure their loyalty to your business.

Texas group disability insurance doesn’t have to be expensive and shopping for it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here at Benefit Resource Group, we understand how important it is to protect your employees with various insurance coverages, including comprehensive disability insurance. Texas group disability insurance can typically replace about 60-70% of an employee’s income. As an employer, you not only want to keep your employees on board, but you also care about their wellbeing. Could any of your employees afford to live without their expected finances?


If you have questions or need more information about group disability insurance, do not hesitate to contact Benefit Resource Group today! We can create a comprehensive group disability package for your business—you can even get a free online quote right now!