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    Small Business Insurance to Fit Your Needs and Budget


    Owning and operating a small business means putting your services, your reputation, and your personal finances on the line. Having a quality small business insurance coverage plan helps to keep you protected from the many risks that you face as a small business owner.


    At Benefit Resource Group, we have a passion for helping small business owners in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Richardson TX, and the surrounding areas procure quality small business insurance coverage to keep them safeguarded from the risks they face. For whatever your trade, we help you find the small business insurance that fits your specific needs and helps your small business flourish.


    Affordable Insurance for Businesses of All Sizes


    It can be difficult to know what kind of business insurance coverage you need for your business. One of the contributing factors to finding the right business insurance for your company is your business’s size. Small Texas businesses do not require the same kind of business insurance coverage as larger corporate industries. Another contributing factor is your trade. For example, retail store owners do not require the same business insurance coverage as roofers, and so on and so forth.


    At Benefit Resource Group we work with business owners of all sizes in Dallas, Plano, Arlington TX, and the surrounding areas. Providing you with the education, technologies, and tools that you need to make an informed decision about your business insurance coverage, our insurance agents help you manage the various aspects of your insurance coverage.


    Business owner with business insurance working from homeHome-based businesses

    All businesses including home-based businesses need business insurance. Operating a business from your home requires unique insurance coverage to ensure that you and your business are well protected from business property loss or liability.


    Small businesses

    For businesses with fewer than 100 employees or revenue less than 5 million, you should have good small business insurance coverage. From the specifics of your trade to standardize small business policies, our insurance agents help your business stay protected from the many risks it faces.


    Business insurance in Plano with woman standing in door of businessMedium-sized businesses

    Businesses between 50 and 1,000 employees require specialized business insurance coverage that combines property and liability coverage options. From the intricacies of operating expensive equipment to auto business insurance, medium-sized businesses should explore specialized policies to fit their unique needs.


    Large businesses

    Large businesses are classified by having at least 500 employees. With so much gain comes a lot of risk. Commercial businesses in Dallas and the surrounding areas need specific business insurance coverage policies to keep them protected from the many risks that they face operating a large business.