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Health insurance is an essential part of everyone’s life. From children to adults, you and your loved ones need to be armed with ample health insurance coverage to ensure that you are safe no matter what happens in life. But finding the right medical insurance coverage plan can seem overwhelming and stressful.


At Benefit Resource Group, we serve the Dallas area with affordable medical insurance options that fit any lifestyle and budget. With a team of health insurance agents dedicated to your needs, we get to know you personally to help you select the right health insurance for your lifestyle. Health insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming, at Benefit Resource Group we do the work for you so you don’t have to.

Medical Insurance Options

As an independent agency, we have the tools and resources needed to help you find the right insurance coverage for you and your family. With a range of resources and carrier options, we provide you with the tools that you need to mix and match medical insurance coverage options to get the most out of your coverage.


Not only do we provide you with the tools you need, but our insurance agents offer you their unbiased expert advice and opinions when it comes to selecting the policies that are right for you. We offer our valued clients in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, and the surrounding areas a range of health insurance options for their unique medical insurance coverage needs. At Benefit Resource Group, our insurance agents offer a range of health insurance plans including:


  • Indemnity Plans (or Fee-for services plans)
  • Cafeteria/Flexible Spending Plans
  • Indemnity Health Plans
  • Basic & Essential Health Plans
  • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Managed Care Plans
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)

Get Started Today

    Whether your employer doesn’t offer health insurance, or you are self employed, you may find yourself in a position where you need your own medical coverage. Regardless of the reasons you find yourself in need health coverage, Benefit Resource Group’s insurance agents are ready to help you. Our Dallas, Texas health insurance policies are entirely customizable and simply tailored to match your needs. The majority of plans available provide coverage for services such as:


    • Doctors visits
    • Prescriptions
    • Medical Testing
    • Specialized care
    • Surgical procedures

    Health Insurance from a Trusted Local Insurance Agent

    When it comes to your health insurance, you deserve the best. Health insurance is an important aspect of your life and you need to know that your health insurance agent has got your back when it comes to your health insurance coverage.


    Since 1973, we have been offering quality medical insurance coverage for the communities of Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. Working with your finances and your needs, our health insurance agents craft unique and affordable health insurance coverage plans that provide you and your loved ones with the security you need no matter what happens in life. With over 45 years providing quality medical insurance coverage, it’s no wonder residents in the Dallas area trust our insurance agents to get the job done. Contact an affordable health insurance agent today!

    Short Term Health Insurance

    Short term health insurance is an excellent insurance option for students just graduating college, service members that have recently left the military service, or employees that have a temporary lapse in coverage from their employer’s group health insurance coverage. There are a multitude of circumstances in our lives that may occur and leave us in need of short term health insurance. You really cannot afford to be without health insurance for even one day in our modern world. The cost of a short term policy is minute in comparison to the financial devastation you can incur without coverage. Plus, this type of insurance allows YOU to choose the length of time of coverage. It can be as short as 30 days or up to a year. Call our insurance agents today for an instant quote.

    Dental Insurance

    Dental health is more than simply a cosmetic benefit, it is vital to your overall well-being. People experiencing tooth decay can have other related issues such as gingivitis or even heart attacks. It’s crucial you don’t shortchange your health by neglecting your teeth. That is why Benefit Resource Group of Dallas, Texas recommends individuals and families alike secure a dental insurance plan. A high-quality, comprehensive dental insurance plan should cover nearly all (if not all) of your basic dental procedures, such as routine office visits and dental cleanings.

    At Benefit Resource Group, we can match you to premium, affordable carriers who can deliver the quality dental insurance you deserve—and better yet, we have the ability to provide you with competitive Texas dental insurance quotes online; allowing you to secure a policy with us from the comfort of your own home! Don’t wait any longer – speak with one of our dedicated agents today regarding your needs for dental insurance! TX residents are encouraged to contact Benefit Resource Group for your free Texas dental insurance quotes and more information on the dental coverage we can offer all of our clients statewide!

    Critical Illness Insurance

    A large number of Americans hear these life-changing words, “You have cancer”. Numerous individuals like you will endure a cardiovascular failure, or have a stroke and be sent to the Hospital. At Benefit Resource Group, we know it’s important that you assume full responsibility for ensuring your life and your future—beginning with particular basic ailment protection. Numerous individuals the nation over, come up short on the protection assurance they need when a significant clinical ailment strikes—and a lot more endure significant medical problems with no kind of health coverage of any means. At Benefit Resource Group, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to obtain critical illness insurance. This type of insurance often helps mediate the gaps and extra coverage expenses related to severe illnesses.

    Expensive ailments, for example, cancer, heart attacks, and strokes can bring about monetary hardships or even bankruptcy. Indeed, even with great medical coverage, there are deductibles and co-pays that should also be covered. Americans are regularly considered responsible to pay for specialty care, medication, and medicines not secured under your standard health care coverage strategy. Even if your income suddenly decreases or stops due to a serious medical concern, you will still be financially responsible for the doctor’s visit expenses. The monetary strain on an independently employed individual or entrepreneur can be terrible, no doubt. There are two primary ways critical illness insurance will work to cover you and your family:

    • Helps Pay Expenses
    • Guaranteed Renewal
    • Can Cover the Most Critical Conditions: Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, and More
    • Benefits are Paid Directly to You


    At Benefit Resource Group, we can show you an affordable way to collect a lump sum cash benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness or serious condition. Critical illness insurance most often pays cash benefits even if you make a full recovery. Contact Benefit Resource Group today, for a free estimate and more information about the variety of health insurance options we offer for reliable, and dependable critical illness insurance coverage.

    Long Term Disability

    With roughly 30 million Americans turning 65 during the following ten years, it’s expected that by 2030 one out of five individuals will be a senior resident. This implies the number of cases of Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, and Stroke will undoubtedly increase as well. A common misconception is that Healthcare or Medicare will always care for you as you age. The reality of the situation is Healthcare suppliers don’t pay for long term care – and there can be extreme income restrictions in order to meet all requirements for Medicare coverage.

    At Benefit Resource Group, we are focused on helping you find reasonable Long Term Care Insurance. Not many of us effectively anticipate a future spent in a nursing home or care facility, however in case we don’t get ready for this potential outcome now, we won’t have a wide variety of options down the road. As it stands now, the expense of Long Term Care is undervalued. Be that as it may, as the Baby Boomers inch consistently nearer to retirement, the expenses are anticipated to rise significantly. Contact Benefit Resource Group today and learn about how we can start addressing your Long Term Care needs for tomorrow.

    Long Term Care

    Health Insurance in Arlington, TXThere are no state laws that require business owners to give long term disability insurance to their employees: Are you secured? Albeit a few states do necessitate that businesses give short term disability insurance, none of them require long term coverage. Should you be harmed or have a clinical issue that expects you to be out of work on a long term premise, you could wind up with no pay substitution. Your boss isn’t responsible for long term disability insurance; it is your obligation to cover yourself. You need to ask yourself – How long could you afford to go without your pay?


    Long term disability insurance in Frisco, Richardson, Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas can help supplement somewhere in the range of 60-70% of your salary. Long term disability can cover an extended timeframe. Not all injuries or health issues that make you miss work are considered short term. At Benefit Resource Group, we understand that. We can create comprehensive Texas long term disability insurance lines that cover you for the entire period of time you have to miss work and/or cannot perform the duties defined by your employment. Contact the health insurance agents at Benefit Resource Group for more information and a free quote on Texas Long Term Disability Insurance today!


    Employee Benefits and Group Health Insurance


    If you are an employer looking to offer medical insurance, view our group health insurance page here.