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Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

At Benefit Resource Group, we assist you in finding the right commercial group health insurance and employee benefit plans that fit your company and your company’s budget. With a team of insurance agents skilled in assisting Texas businesses to find quality insurance coverage solutions, businesses both big and small in Dallas, Frisco, Richardson, and the surrounding areas trust our insurance agents to help them select insurance plans that keep their employees satisfied, boost productivity, and improve business.


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    Employee Benefits


    While having employee benefits for your company’s employees is required by law, having good employee benefits is at the discretion of your company’s leadership. Quality employee benefits can increase retention rate and productivity by making your employees more satisfied in their personal lives and at work. If you’re looking to arm your businesses in the Dallas area with good employee benefits for your team, then look no further than Benefit Resource Group! We provide employee benefits that meet and exceed the legal requirements including:

    Required Employee Benefits:


    • Employee time off
    • Workers compensation
    • Withholding FICA taxes
    • Paying state and federal unemployment taxes
    • Short term disability programs
    • Federal Family and Medical Leave

    Additional Coverage:


    • Retirement plans
    • Health plans
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Paid vacations, holidays or sick leave


    We offer a range of employee benefit packages for businesses in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, Richardson, and the surrounding areas. With a team of knowledgeable insurance agents ready to give you a hand, we help you find the right employee benefits package whether you have 10 employees or 10,000. From aspects of education, selecting plans, and managing your programs, we help you every step of the way.


    Group Health Insurance

    When it comes to selecting the right group health insurance plans for your company, there are a lot of factors to consider. Factors such as company size, carrier, and the health needs of your employees come into play when choosing the right group health insurance for your business.


    At Benefit Resource Group, we offer a broad range of group health insurance options for employers to choose from. With affordable insurance coverage for you, your business, and your employees, we make group health insurance easy by providing you with a range of affordable insurance options that fit your company’s needs and your budget. We offer group health insurance coverage options that may include.


    • Pre-existing diseases and illnesses
    • Maternity
    • Coverage for your family
    • Chronic illness
    • Hospitalization
    • Emergency Services
    • Surgeries, and more!


    Liability Insurance in Richardson TX, Frisco, Plano

    Dental Insurance

    Benefit Resource Group gives a group dental plan that will benefit both you and your workers. This group plan will offer your employees the benefits of individual dental care. This includes reduced costs on routine dental care. Many group plans permit individuals to cover their families, and may even cover significant dental procedures and orthodontic work. There are numerous alternatives to look over while choosing a dental plan. Contact Benefit Resource Group for a free assessment of your business’ needs and get an estimate on group dental insurance for your employees.


    • Out-of-network specialists
    • Experimental treatments
    • Travel and lodging expenses related to treatments
    • Child care costs
    • Day-to-day expenses (bills and mortgage payments)

    Disability Insurance

    The majority of people insure their material belongings, for example, their homes and vehicles. Nonetheless, huge numbers of these equivalent individuals don’t guarantee what is really their most significant resource – their capacity to work and gain salary. Can you afford to allow your employees to remain unprotected?


    You and your employees rely upon a steady and regular pay. Regardless of whether you decide to enlist your organization in a short term disability bundle or a large-scale policy, the coverage you will receive from your group disability insurance can help your employees financially by replacing a portion of their income. Providing disability insurance will not only take care of your employees’ wellbeing, but the peace of mind that comes with it can also help to ensure their loyalty to your business.


    Group disability insurance in Plano, Arlington, Frisco, Texas, and surrounding Dallas communities doesn’t have to be expensive and shopping for it doesn’t have to be a hassle. We understand how important it is to protect your employees with various insurance coverages, including disability insurance. Group disability insurance in Texas can typically replace about 60-70% of an employee’s income. This insurance will not only benefit your employees but benefit your company as a whole due to a happier, more loyal workforce.


    If you have questions or need more information about group health insurance or disability insurance, contact Benefit Resource Group today! We can create a comprehensive group disability package for your business, or you can even request a free online quote right now!