Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Every day, too many American men and women hear the life changing words, “You have cancer”. Many people just like you will suffer a heart attack, or have a stroke and need to be transported to the hospital. At Benefit Resource Group, we know it’s important that you take full control over protecting your life and your future—starting with specialized critical illness insurance.


Many people across the country, lack the insurance protection they need when a major medical illness strikes—and many more suffer through major health issues without any sort of coverage at all.


At Benefit Resource Group we firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to secure the critical illness insurance they need to help mediate the gaps and extra coverage expenses related to severe illnesses.

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    Costly illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes can result in financial hardships and personal bankruptcies. Even with an excellent health insurance policy, there are deductibles and co-pays that need to be cover. Americans are typically held accountable to pay for specialty care, medicine and treatments not covered under your standard health insurance policy. Your paycheck may stop or be reduced, but on top of your medical bills, you’ll still be responsible for the rent or mortgage, car payment and daily living expenses. The financial strain on a self employed individual or business owner can be disastrous, to say the least. There are two main ways critical illness insurance will work to cover you and your loved ones:

    • Helps Pay Expenses
    • Guaranteed Renewal – as long as your premiums are paid, you have the right to renew and cannot be turned away.
    • Can Cover Most Critical Conditions – cancer, heart attack, stroke, and more…
    • Benefits are Paid Directly to You


    At Benefit Resource Group, we can show you an affordable way to collect a lump sum cash benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness or serious condition. Critical illness insurance most often pays cash benefits even if you make a full recovery. Contact Benefit Resource Group today, for a free quote and more information about the policy options we offer for dependable, trustworthy critical illness insurance coverage.